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Providing Cyber-Security Services and Product Integration

Company Overview

About DST

Provider of Cyber-Security Services Integrator of Cyber-Security Products

DST is organized into four divisions:

The Security Services Division, the oldest corporate division, has been providing security support in the disciplines of Communications Security (COMSEC), Information Security (INFOSEC), Operations Security (OPSEC), Physical Security (PHYSEC), and Signal Security (SIGSEC) for both the Federal Government and Industry. Since 1997, DST has had prime contracts with various US Government Agencies to perform more than 100 DITSCAP, DIACAP, and NIST SP 800-37 C&As for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on major Information Technology (IT) systems. The excellence of our work has resulted in the Navy listing DST as one of only 7 contractors that they recommend to Navy organizations for the performance of C&A work. In addition, DST was selected as one of the few Contractors to compete for work under the new VA C&A Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), and has already been awarded six Purchase Orders (POs) to complete NIST SP 800-37 based C&As. These POs included the VISN 6 VAMCs; the VISN 8 Miami VAMC; the One-VA WAN to the Access Layer; the ECSIP Gateway; the Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Project (AAIP); and the VHA VISN Security Control Assessments. The revenue from all the Contracts mentioned above has already exceeded $15M.

The R&D Division began operations in 1999 and has developed new Cyber Security Technologies for Department of Defense (DoD) organizations that include the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the National Security Agency. DST is one of a few companies to develop a Security System (Sentinel III) that has completed a successful National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) validation at EAL 4 and is listed on the NIAP Validated Products List at Other products in development include a new automated C&A Environment System that is designed to provide automated Certification and Accreditation (C&A) support throughout an Information System's life Cycle.

The Security Systems Engineering Division began operations in 2000 and is providing security systems integration, installation, setup-and-testing support, and training for various US government programs and the private industry as well.

DST's special expertise and experience in satisfying customer requirements in cyber-security has resulted in customer satisfaction, unique methodologies and patented solutions.

The Commercial Cyber Risk Management Division was established in May 2009 to provide Cyber-Security Risk Assessments and Mitigation services for Corporations in the Insurance, Banking, and Information Technology Industries. DST will provide such services based on its extensive expertise in providing Information Assurance and Certification and Accreditation services and in the development of Cyber-Security technologies for Federal Government Agencies including DoD, DHS, DOI, DOT, DVA, NIST, and NSA.

DST Specializes in Providing Cyber Security Services

DST has a professional staff of security professionals trained in all of the security disciplines. More than 80% of our staff has Bachelors or advanced degrees in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, or information technology. In addition to their security experience with DST, much of our staff has obtained previous security training and experience while working for organizations such as the National Security Agency, DoD, Department of Justice, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our personnel are supported by resources that include a database of all active security-related Federal Government statutes, regulations, instructions, directives, handbooks and NIST Publications supplemented by the FedLaw website.

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