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Providing Cyber-Security Services and Product Integration

Features and Benefits

Sentinel Cyber Security System

The following are a few of the features and benefits of the Sentinel Cyber Security System

Feature Benefits

Security Module with Microcontroller

  • Hardware-based system that operates independently of the operating system.
  • Identification and Authentication (I&A) interlocks, programmed in the microcontroller and Smart Card, identify and authenticate the user to the microcontroller and prohibit computer operation unless interlocks are satisfied.
  • Security Profile, programmed in userís Smart Card, controls access to hard drives(s), network(s), Modem(s), IO Port(s), CDRW and Floppy Disk Drives.
  • Fingerprint Reader positively identifies the user to the microcontroller, NOT the operating system.

Smart Card Interface

  • Places the organization in control over its membersí access to valuable information in computers and networks, and critical computer functions. Only 100 bytes capacity needed to store this data. The Smart Card stores the following data:
    • Identification and Authentication (I&A) data (PIN; Password; Fingerprint data, all encrypted for protection) for reconciliation with the userís inputs and stored data in the Security Module. If interlocks are met, the user is permitted access to the computer.
    • Security Profiles, developed by the organization and programmed by the Security Administrator, for controlling the levels of classifications (Sensitive, Secret, etc.) and types of interfaces (NICs, Modems, Ports, etc.) available to the user. Security Profiles can also include when the user is permitted access to the computer and its interfaces.
  • The Smart Card is compatible with PKI and Common Access Card (CAC) making it attractive for government use.

Removable Hard Drives

  • If a multi-level computer is desired, provide the means to separate data and networks into different security levels (Secret, Sensitive, etc.).
  • Electronically wedded to the microcontroller to ensure that the hard drives can ONLY be operated by their users in their host computer.
  • Physically locked in place with a key and over-center latches to prevent theft.