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Providing Cyber-Security Services and Product Integration

DST Services Overview

Security Services

Commercial Cyber Risk Management Division

Delta Security Technologies, Inc. (DST) has recently established a new Corporate Division identified as the Cyber Risk Management Division to provide Risk Assessment and Management Service for Commercial entities including Corporations in the Insurance, Banking, and Information Technology Industries. Based on our strong reputation in the Federal Security Services and Product Development Markets, we’re increasingly asked about cyber risk management, along with its relationship to cyber insurance.

More and more companies are asking themselves: How much will it cost us in down time and lost data if we’re subjected to a successful cyber attack? What if we get sued for losing personal information? How will our clients and prime contractors respond if our disruption costs them money? Risk assessment and mitigation, plus cyber insurance in many cases, appears more and more important for reasons including:

  • Rapidly growing number of high-profile cyber attacks, lost information, and lawsuits.
  • At least 46 states – including MD, VA and DC – have so-called “hacker disclosure laws.” These require companies to provide notice, in some cases widespread public notice, when personal information is compromised. This opens companies to numerous problems, including class-action lawsuits.
  • The SEC recently issued “disclosure guidance” regarding breaches of cybersecurity, resulting in more disclosures by public companies and greater focus on the issue by management and boards.
  • Contractors and government agencies are requiring “interconnection security agreements,” or “ISAs.”
  • Government leaders are discussing new requirements for cyber security among federal contractors.
  • Other regulations, from FISMA and HIPAA to Sarbox, require companies to maintain effective cybersecurity.
  • Traditional insurance policies usually do NOT cover cybersecurity.

DST Cyber-Security Risk Assessments allow our clients to assess and understand risks and undertake mitigation to reduce them. Where risk still remains, or mitigation proves too difficult, companies can turn to cyber insurance.

Our expert assessments and mitigation, combined when needed with referrals to a leading cyber insurance company, can help control your cyber risk.

If your focus is primarily on insurance, our preferred insurance carrier, the Philadelphia Insurance Companies, can provide you with a short form to fill out, allowing you to determine available coverage and learn basic rates with no obligation.

Once you have your rates, risk assessment and management can provide you with a significantly more attractive price – and provide greater focus on key risk areas, potentially making your insurance more reliable.

Contact Us today for a complimentary, discrete review of your current cybersecurity situation. Our preferred insurance carrier:

DST Specializes in Providing Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Services

DST has a professional staff of security professionals trained in all of the security disciplines. More than 80% of our staff has Bachelors or advanced degrees in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, or information technology. In addition to their security experience with DST, much of our staff has obtained previous security training and experience while working for organizations such as the National Security Agency, DoD, Department of Justice, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our personnel are supported by resources that include a database of all active security-related Federal Government statutes, regulations, instructions, directives, handbooks and NIST Publications supplemented by the FedLaw website.

DST also maintains a comprehensive database of commercial and government-owned security products. DST uses a suite of security tools to support our C&A and vulnerability assessment work that includes sophisticated vulnerability/risk assessment tools such as RiskWatch, as well as, tools for the support of Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E), Security Controls Assessment (SCA), and Penetration Testing that include the ISS SAFEsuite Intranet Scanner, Firewall Scanner, and Web Server Scanner; password guessing software such as Norton Secret Stuff (NSS) and CRACK; network mapping tools such as SolarWinds, Nmap, and FreeMap; Tripwire for network integrity checking; Chariot for network/host performance analysis; SilkTest for integrated test planning and management; and DNS Expert for DNS verification and problem diagnosis. In addition to these tools, DST has also developed scripting and template tools for the development of security documentation such as the Certification Plan; Configuration Management (CM) Plan; Contingency Plan (CP); Incident Response Plan; System Security Plan (SSP); ST&E Plan, Procedures, and Report; Security Awareness and Training Plan; and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

The DST resources cited above have been honed and improved based on our experience in performing C&As so that we rely on a tool-based C&A approach using top-quality personnel. This approach standardizes and improves the C&A process and decreases the overall man-hour costs based on increased efficiency. While DST has proven that it can handle any C&A challenge, we have expanded our available resources by adding another extremely competent C&A Process Management tool called RMS™. The RMS C&A Tool has been specifically designed to support the C&A Process. This tool oversees and manages the entire C&A process and generates all deliverable C&A documentation in accordance with the applicable NIST Standards and Special Publications, NIACAP and DoD's DIACAP. The RMS uses a methodology and process that identifies the data and C&A process requirements for each C&A Task and Subtask while allowing collaborative participation and progress tracking via a web-based interface. It also creates a Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM) that tracks and links C&A data to the security requirements (statutes, regulations, directives, specifications, etc.) defined for the target of the C&A. In addition, the RMS interface supports inputs and requirements for Risk Assessment from tools such as the RiskWatch Risk Assessment tool and data requirements for C&A documents from tools such as the DST System Security Plan and Contingency Plan scripting and template tools.

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Security Services Division

Delta Security Technologies, Inc. (DST) offers a comprehensive set of security-services capabilities in virtually all security disciplines including: Cyber-security; Information Assurance; Automated Information Systems (AIS) Security; Communications Security (COMSEC); Force Protection Support; Operations Security (OPSEC); Physical Security (PHYSEC); Signal Security (SIGSEC); and Acquisition Program Protection Planning.

The company and its staff have many years of security experience and have performed threat assessments, vulnerability/risk assessments, penetration studies, countermeasures definition, and security cost/benefit analyses for the entire range of security disciplines listed above. DST has performed AIS and network security certification and accreditation (C&A) evaluations based on the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF), DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP), DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) and National Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (NIACAP) methodologies. DST has also performed facility Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning and Continuity of Operations planning for both government and commercial organizations.

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Security Systems Engineering Division

Delta Security Technologies, Inc. (DST) also provides security systems engineering services for customers in the US Government and private industry. These services include the design, development and installation of sophisticated network security systems, and training in anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism and cyber-terrorism. DST's experience in Instructional Design and Delivery Systems matched with subject matter experts in Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism, Cyber-Terrorism, and Emergency Response Planning provides a wealth of expertise in response to present-day requirements for preparing various agencies to counter these types of threats.

DST's cadre of personnel includes former law enforcement agents, military intelligence and counter-intelligence specialists, special operations forces, and security planners and managers. Several of these experts have experience and credentials in classroom instruction and distance learning. Their latest security models include a leading edge, distributed learning program that effectively provides content to various locations and bridges different adult learning styles.

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Security Research and Development Division

Unlike most security services companies, Delta Security Technologies, Inc. (DST) is involved in performing R&D in the area of computer and network security. The personnel at our R&D facility at the Stennis Space Center have been on the cutting edge of this technology as demonstrated by the design and development of several unique hardware- and software-based security systems. One of these systems is the Sentinel Cyber Security System, "Sentinel," presented in the Products Section of this Web Site. The Sentinel is designed to counter attacks from personnel INSIDE the organization and "Hackers" as well. DST is also developing other network and Cyber Security Systems that, when combined with the Sentinel, will provide affordable and easy-to-use multi-level/multi-category network and computer security solutions for the US government, industry, and commercial customers as well. DST's R&D work has been oriented toward satisfying the customers' unique and challenging cyber-security requirements in areas such as Smart Card Applications, IPSec-based VPNs, and multi-level/multi-category computer and network security systems.