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Providing Cyber-Security Services and Product Integration

Engineering Services

Security Systems Engineering Division

Delta Security Technologies, Inc. (DST) also provides security systems engineering services for customers in the US Government and private industry. These services include the design, development and installation of sophisticated network security systems, and training in anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism and cyber-terrorism. DSTís experience in Instructional Design and Delivery Systems matched with subject matter experts in Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism, Cyber-Terrorism, and Emergency Response Planning provides a wealth of expertise in response to present-day requirements for preparing various agencies to counter these types of threats.

DSTís cadre of personnel includes former law enforcement agents, military intelligence and counter-intelligence specialists, special operations forces, and security planners and managers. Several of these experts have experience and credentials in classroom instruction and distance learning. Their latest security models include a leading edge, distributed learning program that effectively provides content to various locations and bridges different adult learning styles.